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My Story

Da Sheets Lady with her husband

I love my story of how Da Sheets Lady came about.

A while back I was laid off work.  And so I found myself in a desperate search for a job.  After all, I had all the commitments and usual daily battles to stay afloat in life.  And my life companion, my amazing, kind, brilliant and supporting husband was (and is)  blind and didn’t speak English.

Actually he was the person who suggested I start selling sheets at markets.  He had heard that it was a product that sold well and why not try?

I didn’t fancy selling roadside and at markets.  I had done it in the past.  It was hard work, I felt too old, you name it.  But bills were accumulating, other job opportunities were meager, few and insufficiently remunerative, so one day we found a supplier, he loaded our little Toyota Yaris (my husband is truly amazing when it comes to organize stuff – I left it all to him!) and off I went.

As time went by, in spite of the tough physical activity, I realized I really loved those sheets and so did my customers.  I had tried them myself and I understood why they were such a wonderful and beloved product.   I decided I would be doing this for a while, so I needed a name.

I wanted something simple, that people could remember and I thought, “Well, I sell sheets and I am a lady, so why not The Sheets Lady?”  But that didn’t seem too unique.  So I pondered “Mhm … I am Italian, why not add that element, somehow?”    And so, a little bit for fun and little bit for real, I decided on Da Sheets Lady (you know, as in Da Sheets-a Lady-a!).  What happened next surprised me: my customers loved the name.  They remembered it and it stuck.  And the rest is history.